Amazon Private Brands

Art Direction & Brand Identity

Art Direction of brand photography for a variety of Amazon’s private labels including Amazon Essentials, Goodthreads, The Fix, and Coastal Blue.

Social Media Campaign

As part of Core 10’s campaign celebrating fitness influencers, I directed very short motion pieces for Amazon’s social channels.

Amazon Essentials Mens Fall Cashmere
Amazon Essentials Mens Fall
Amazon Essentials Womens Fall


Performance activewear for women

Amazon Core 10 Bree Banks
Amazon Core 10 Erika Hammond
Amazon Core 10 Ellen Ector
Amazon Core 10 Elianne Alexander
Amazon Core 10 Megan Roup
Amazon Core 10 Bree Banks


Classic staples crafted with care.

Amazon Goodthreads Flannel
Amazon Goodthreads Flannel


Trend driven shoes and hangbags.

Amazon The Fix Velvet Booties
Amazon The Fix Flats
Amazon The Fix Booties
Amazon Coastal Blue Swimsuit

Coastal Blue

Women’s swimwear

Amazon Coastal Blue Swimsuit
Amazon The Slumber Project
Amazon Comfort Denim Outfitters